Operancia is a very distant, unknown place, “the edge of the world” in terms of folk tales. Usually, Operancia denotes a fairy tale country. The Opera Sea is the boundary between the known and the unknown world – figuratively, the boundary between reality and fiction – and most often occurs in the phrase “beyond the Opera Sea” as a fairy-tale formula.

When I was a little boy, I used to love listening to my mother’s bedtime stories. She started each tale with the sentence; “This story has happened on a far-far away land beyond the Operencias Sea” … and she started her story filled with magic and mystery.
My imagination was screaming: Where is this place? How far could it be? How can I get there? What can I find there? …

None of these questions were answered at that time, but the flying pictures of this magical land stayed with me all my life, and when I moved to Australia, literally to the other side of the planet these imaginary pictures started to appear in front of my eyes.

This album is my real Operencia.

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