Like most photographers, I started capturing images in the 3:2 format which is the most common aspect ratio used in landscape photography.

Shortly I became more and more dissatisfied with my images because they did not convey the majesty of the scene that I experienced.
In certain situations, due to the limitation of the frame size, I couldn’t capture important and interesting details of my surroundings.

I started experimenting with different techniques. I wanted to achieve a three-dimensional look with a very high resolution that contains every element and fine detail of the scenery.
I realised that if I wanted to achieve the desired look, I had to change my approach and capture the scene vertically with multiple images. I started taking a minimum of 5-10 images for each photo, capturing every little detail separately, using different focus points and exposure settings, and later building the puzzle pieces together in post-processing.

This new approach enabled me to achieve the desired outcome and transport the viewer back into that magical moment.

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