There are deep psychological and physical connections that keep humans so enchanted with water. Even just walking on the beach, hearing the crashing waves, smelling the scent of the sea in the air calms our nervous system and relaxes our chattering minds.

No wonder, I spend most of my free time wandering along the coastline, exploring new places, absorbing its everchanging beauty. Standing on the shore, it is easy to be distracted by its enormous size and overlook the little wonders just under our feet.

The East Coast of New South Wales is decorated with beautiful cliffs, rocks, and rock platforms. Exploring these places during low tide is a real treasure hunt. You can find many rock pools exposed by the tide, thriving with life.

Each pool is different, like little planets with different creatures. Crabs, algae, seasnails, octopuses, and fish living their life happily.  Each pool tells a different story. Just kneel down next to them and look deep into their “eyes” and you will hear them “Whispering”.

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