Dolphins, Doctors of Our Soul

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When you swim with dolphins in the wild, they lift your spirits, heal you in ways you would never have thought possible, and leave a lasting impression that you will treasure forever. In this book, Dr. Olivia de Bergerac recounts her personal and professional adventures with wild dolphins in Australia. She describes the different methods she has used to study what she calls the Dolphin Within: the shared but intensely individual experiences people have when they are in close contact with wild dolphins.

She has measured human brainwaves, but also human heart rhythms before and after dolphin encounters. She has found scientific evidence and possible explanations for the changes in the human mind, body, and spirit after such experiences. Discovering your Dolphin Within could free you of fears, phobias, addictions, grief, depression, and more. Could the dolphins be doctors of our soul? Could the dolphins show us a way to speed up our evolution?

Olivia de Bergerac grew up in Antibes, on the French Riviera, and was introduced to the world of wild dolphins by her brother Henri, a Cousteau diver. With a doctorate in psychology, an MBA, and a passion for neuroscience, Olivia lives in Australia to conduct her research, write books, and work internationally (via Skype) as a Soul Coach.

Olivia invites participants to swim with wild dolphins in her Dolphin Within programs in Australia, the Mediterranean Sea (Antibes, French Riviera), and the Red Sea (Egypt).

Olivia has participated in numerous television documentaries (French, Australian, Japanese, American) to share her research. Several articles have also been published on her unique approach. She has participated in conferences in Paris, Australia, and Japan, which provided an opportunity to share her research work, carried out in immersion in the world of dolphins, and to reveal to us their therapeutic contribution in the field of transpersonal psychology. Passionate about protecting the oceans, Olivia played a key role in facilitating the return of the dolphins to Sydney Harbour

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