• The Dance of the Luderick

    I consider this image, one of my luckiest shots. After two weeks carrying my camera everywhere, during my holiday in Byron Bay, I was going to take a day off, leave my bag in the car and enjoy a sunny day on the beach without any temptation to shoot.

  • Hidden Treasure

    As a lover of the ocean, I spend a great amount of time wandering around the coast, exploring new locations. A few years ago, I discovered this stunning rock pool at North Bondi. Although I tried to shoot there several times before, I haven’t been able to capture satisfying images with a single shot because the pool is close to a large rock...

  • The Emerald Pool

    The Figure Eight Pools are located on a coastal rock platform in the Royal National Park in NSW. It’s a 6km walk to get there and back, on a steep track through a beautiful littoral rainforest. This location has taught me the importance of the weather forecast. It took me seven visits to find all the elements lined up in my favour, such as the tide, ocean swell, wind, light, etc. But the hardest challenge was avoiding all the tourists who flock in here.