Gergo Rugli - Dance of the Luderic

The Dance of the Luderick

Gergo Rugli - Dance of the Luderic

Dance of the Luderick – BUY

I consider this image one of my luckiest shots. After two weeks of carrying my camera everywhere, during a holiday in Byron Bay, I decided to finally take a day off, leave my bag in the car and enjoy a sunny day on the beach without any temptation to shoot.

It was a 15 min walk from my car to the beach. Once I reached the beach, I sat down onto my towel when all of a sudden, I noticed in my amazement right in front of me, a scene that seemed totally out of this world. What I saw was a large group of all kinds of fish dancing in the crystal clear breaking waves. It was like looking into the depth of the ocean through an open window.

This spectacle made my body freeze up for a few moments, whilst my mind was still racing thinking about all the possibilities that I had to capture this magic moment. When finally my mind sent me a signal: “RUN”. Although, I jog almost every day, I broke all my personal records, when I raced back to the car to grab my camera…