Gergo Rugli - Rapture


Gergo Rugli - Rapture

Rapture – BUY

It was yet another magical September morning and the weather forecast predicted a decent swell when I decided to go to Bronte Beach, one of my favourite spots in Sydney.

I love this place because it has a unique vibe. It is great for capturing waves and the surf. My favourite marine mammals, the dolphins, swim here quite often to catch some waves with the local surfers.

Gergo Rugli - Morning Bliss

Morning Bliss – BUY

After sunrise, the sun rose quickly on the cloudless sky so I stopped shooting as it was too bright. As I was packing up, I spotted a good friend of mine Tim, taking pictures at the Bronte swimming pool so I walked up to him to greet him.

My friend Tim comes to Bronte almost every weekend and funnily enough, many times when we bump into each other dolphins tend to appear at the same time!

He asked me, jokingly “no dolphins today?” like if it was up to me to decide when they appear! I said “no, not today”… and as I was answering feeling quite disappointed, I turned my head towards the ocean where I immediately spotted about half a dozen dorsal fins approaching the surf from behind the Bronte Pool.

The dolphins then joined the surfers catching the waves & playing happily for about half an hour.