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Gergo Rugli - Estranged

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I was just a little boy when I first saw the video clip of by Guns N’ Roses called “Estranged”. I remember feeling mesmerised when Axel jumped into the water from a tanker, and a pod of dolphins appeared out of the blue to save him. This moment was incredibly powerful, and I remember having goosebumps all over my body.

I guess this is where my love towards dolphins had started. Since then, it has been my greatest joy every time I spot dolphins. Luckily, they quite often show up at the beach where I live but usually stay far away. Every now and then they come close to the shore, competing for the best waves with the surfers.

I feel privileged to live close to the ocean and as many others I practice my daily exercise along the coast.

It was yet another beautiful afternoon by the ocean when during one of my exercise routines I noticed movement in the middle of the bay.

A pod of 20-25 dolphins were swimming toward the shore. A little while after they appeared among the surfers and stayed with them surfing the waves.

Gergo Rugli - Singing Heart

Singing Heart – BUY

I quickly ran to the beach and started shooting this unbelievable encounter. They stayed almost for an hour whilst I was standing there, watching them mesmerized with the exact same feeling, just like when I was a little boy watching “Estranged” for the first time.