The Lifesaver dolphins

Pod of dolphins swimming in the bay peacefully

I’ve always considered dolphins to be my blessing from the sky and I’ve never thought my love towards these magical creatures could deepen even more. I was wrong.

I was happily strolling along the beach after I had just witnessed one of the best sunrises at Little Wategos Beach in Byron Bay, when to my biggest delight, I spotted a pod of dolphins that were swimming into the bay. Unlike their usual quick ten minute visits, they stayed there frolicking and floating on the surface. So, I walked to the rocks between Wategos’ and Little Wategos Beach to get the best viewpoint of this scene.

Two humpback whales appearing in the bay

For about an hour nothing worth a good shot took place. They just floated drowsily without a jump or any excitement in their swim. But all of a sudden, about 50 meters away, two big Humpback whales appeared in the very shallow waters (just a few meters deep) and they were swimming right towards the shore. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They were so close to me, it seemed unreal. The water is so shallow in that part of the bay that their bellies must have been sliding on the bottom of the sea. It was obvious that something wasn’t right. Little Wategos is a shallow beach protected from the open ocean by a rocky headland. They were headed towards the direction of the ocean but unfortunately straight through this dead end beach.

It seemed that they had lost their sense of direction and were about to hit the shore any second.

The whales reaching the shore

But before they got into any serious trouble, something amazing happened. The sunbathing dolphins’ sleepy behaviour suddenly changed and like guardian angels they quickly swam to the shore, from the middle of the beach, and surrounded the troubled whales from every direction.

The dolphins surrounding the whales

Once they were all in the right place they started guiding the whales back out to the open ocean just like a presidential convoy would do surrounded by their bodyguards.

The dolphins guiding te whales toward the deep water

Just like magic, the rescued whales lifted their fins to wave a last goodbye as if to say a big “Thank You” to the dolphins for rescuing them. The dolphins turned and continued their relaxed lazing about.

Reaching the deep water the whales saying goodbye to the dolphins