Gergo Rugli - Byron Bliss

The land of Magic

Gergo Rugli - Byron Bliss

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Byron Bay sits at the most easterly point of the Australian mainland. The town has several beaches which are popular for surfing. Temperate and tropical waters merge here, making its sea life rich and unique. Walking up to the Lighthouse and following the walking track to Wategos Beach is one of the most uplifting walks on the East Coast.

Gergo Rugli - Surfers of Wategos

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During winter, thousands of migrating whales pass this spot which is the Most Easterly Point of the Australian Mainland and hundreds of playful dolphins surf the crystal clear waves under the lighthouse.

Gergo Rugli - Joy

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If you have the opportunity to visit Byron Bay one day, I would highly recommend, after a busy day on the beach, to walk up to the lighthouse to say goodbye to the setting sun behind the Mount Warning (Wollumbin). Captain James Cook saw the mountain from the sea and named it Mount Warning.

Wollumbin is a place of cultural and traditional significance to the Bundjalung people and contains sacred sites. The beautiful shining water of the bay and the silhouette of the mountains in the golden light of the setting sun fills the air with a romantic and unique vibe.

Gergo Rugli - Mount Warning

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The local Aboriginal people call this area “Cavvanbah” meaning “meeting place” … for me this place is where everything meets with everything, the soul with the body, consciousness with dreams and all the elements join together creating a magical eternal vibration.

Gergo Rugli - Cavvanbah

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Byron Bay has a special place in my heart, and since my first visit in 2011, I considered it as the Land of Magic. Since then it has been surprising me with unbelievably beautiful moments on countless occasions.

Gergo Rugli - Golden Yucca

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